Chicago Thanksgiving Flower Delivery

Chicago Thanksgiving Flower Delivery


So you were invited to Thanksgiving dinner and you are now faced with the matter of figuring out what to bring for the host. It’s always a good idea to show your appreciation with a gift when invited to someone’s home. After all, isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about? A beautiful flower arrangement is the best way to greet your host at the door of their home! Here are the Top 5 reasons why Flowers are the best offering to "give" this upcoming Thanksgiving:

1. A generous way of saying, “Thank You”

Giving a gift of fresh, lush flowers to Thanksgiving dinner is a wonderful way to say “thank you” to the host or hostess. Whether you’re thanking them for simply reaching out to invite you or because you won’t have to slave over a stove this holiday, a flower arrangement is the perfect way to express gratitude. If you are planning to have it hand-delivered, send the flower arrangement a day ahead of time to ensure it gets there in plenty of time. A flower cornucopia is a classic Thanksgiving centerpiece that would look picturesque on the table. If you believe your hosts’ tastes are a more on the modern side, arrangements with orchids and other fall-hued flowers in a glass vase are suitable.

2. To add décor to the table.

It happens more often than you think; hosts are so busy running around trying to prepare Thanksgiving dinner and making sure everything is in tip top shape for their guests that they forget to purchase flowers to adorn their table. By bringing a lovely arrangement, you would not only be saving the day, but you’re adding a festive finishing touch to an already lovely setting.

3. The vase will make a nice keepsake gift for the host/hostess.

You should always bring your flowers in a vase; your host has been preparing for you and others all day and may not have time to arrange them! Once guests start arriving, your host or hostess doesn’t really want to deal with added tasks or stress. Wrapped bouquets are certainly beautiful, but an arrangement arriving in a vase not only saves the host time, as they’d have to locate the vase, clean it up and arrange the flowers, but vases make wonderful keepsake gifts that they can keep reusing throughout the holiday season.

4. Everyone brings dessert! Be different.

There's nothing like a lovely flower arrangement paired with a good bottle of wine for the host! Some people are always tempted to arrive to a Thanksgiving get-together with food. Sometimes this isn't the best idea, unless you were asked to bring something specific (or if its a potluck). You don't want to be another number at the party who brings the 23rd Pumpkin Pie of the night, so why not change it up with a stunning flower arrangement. It is sure to get everyone talking and it is a little something for the host to admire and remember for several days after. 

5. You do not want to show up empty handed.

The point of modern Thanksgiving is to share and be able to give things to others to celebrate. Showing up with nothing isn't a good look. Showing up with flowers (especially from your friends at Bloom Floral Shop) is ALWAYS a great move.


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