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Choosing Red for a Thanksgiving Centerpiece

No matter where you fall on the great pumpkin spice latte debate, the colors and energy of autumn are universally loved. As the weather begins to cool and outdoor greenery shifts from green to red, home decor enthusiasts traditionally bring the warmth of the season indoors with beautiful red flowers.

Sure – red isn’t the only color we associate with fall, and it certainly makes appearances all over the calendar (Christmas or Valentine’s Day, anyone?). But as a crucial component of the Holy Trinity of fall colors – yellow, orange, and red – we think this traditionally passionate color deserves its time in the fall foliage spotlight.

Your interior design style will definitely dictate which types of red flowers are right for your home. Will it be red lilies, red roses, or red carnations? 


As types of red flowers go, red carnations are an excellent choice. Red carnations, especially two-toned sprays, can give a pop of brightness to an otherwise laid-back arrangement. Plus, the carnation’s sweet scent is widely adored, and their soft, feminine petals make for fan favorites.

Carnations come in a variety of colors, but red carnations say “I love you,” as well as “I admire you,” which are both endearing messages we can all get behind.


For some, carnations just never measure up to the simple delicacy of a red rose. While the Year of the Rose was technically in 2017, roses are a classy option that never goes out of style. Rose cultivation dates back to more than 5,000 years ago in China, and roses have since been one of the most beloved types of red flower.

Of all the roses, red roses symbolize love and desire, so if you’re looking for a timeless flower that says “I love you,” then red roses are what you want.


Fall is about comfort, coziness, and preparing for the holiday season, which is one of the reasons red lilies are the perfect flower to bring indoors during the fall season. Lilies are a symbol of beauty, and red lilies in particular symbolize love.

Many lilies available today aren’t true lilies, which carry a heavy floral scent and only bloom for a short time. Fortunately, all of our lilies are not only farm fresh, but also offer the tropical shape, rich color, and signature sweet scent of red lilies –– an excellent addition for a show-stopping centerpiece.


Like red carnations, red peonies offer a feminine, ruffled petal and a lightly floral scent. The large blooms are a favorite for cut flowers because they seem to last forever.

Red peonies come in a few different types, including the Early Scout and the Karl Rosenfield varieties. As usual, the red symbolizes love, while the peonies themselves symbolize wealth and honor, as well as beauty and romance. Fall wedding bells, anyone?

Red Flowers for Fall

For those passionate souls who just can’t get enough of the color red, you’re in luck – you don’t have to wait for Christmas to break out the candy-color goodness! Along with orange and yellow, red is an iconic color for ringing in the cooler months, so have at it. Whether you’re looking to add a little flavor to your bedroom or add some depth to your centerpieces, red flowers are the perfect way to add handcrafted, artisanal fall vibes to your home.



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