Our favorite thanksgiving flowers to celebrate with family

Our favorite thanksgiving flowers to celebrate with family

While Thanksgiving has become synonymous with fall décor like pumpkins, acorns and the transitioning colors of foliage, this season can have even more meaning by decorating with vibrant Thanksgiving-inspired flowers and thanksgiving plants. Flowers can be presented as a gift to the host or simply included as centerpieces on the dinner table.

No matter their use, when it comes to flowers for Thanksgiving, there are no set rules as to what you can and cannot use to decorate and celebrate this holiday. So, for those who are preparing to share a Thanksgiving meal with friends, family and loved ones, why not complement the event with beautiful blooms that are a true reflection of this season of giving. Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving flowers that will make this holiday a special occasion for the whole family!

Relaxing mums are an age-old favorite for Thanksgiving celebrations. This wonderful wildflower makes a great statement for both small get-togethers as well as large-scale gatherings. As a preferred flower of the fall, the mum is a long-lasting bloom that is a Thanksgiving Day show-stopper. Mums come in a variety of colors that are indicative of the fall season to include yellow, pink, purple, and bronze and are a pleasurable flower to not only look at, but to take care of.

The mum originates from China – from the golden-yellow mum that is daisy-like in appearance. After many years of hybridization, mums are now used for either cutting (florist mums) or for gardening (hardy mums). Mums offer a brilliant indoor variety that will leave a lasting impression for this year’s Thanksgiving festivities.

Peruvian Lilies
Peruvian Lilies
Peruvian lilies are inherently autumnal. As a beautiful blossom native to South America they embody the warmth of gatherings that make spending time with the special people in your life so magical. Peruvian lilies come in many shades to include red, apricot, lavender, purple, white, orange, green and even flecked and striped varieties.

Because of its festive vibrancy, the Peruvian lily remains a favorite among many during the holiday season. Peruvian lily bouquets can make an excellent presentation as centerpieces on the dinner table that the entire family to admire.

As an intimate flower often associated with romance, roses are an excellent way to offer timeless elegance in a setting that is meaningful to those who have gathered together to share a wonderful meal while giving thanks. Roses are an all-time top-choice when it comes to floral arrangements and a pleasing display of soft roses is a subtle way to celebrate the traditional colors of fall.

With pale yellow, white, red and gentle orange, roses are an unexpectedly spectacular idea for Thanksgiving décor or for gifts. For instance, present a rose to each family member while sharing what you are most thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

Helianthus, also known as sunflowers, are an especially strong and inspirational choice for making a grand appearance during this year’s Thanksgiving festivities. Sunflowers will warm the hearts of your guests and will leave a lasting impression that goes hand-in-hand with such a joyous holiday occasion. Featuring bright, sunny yellow petals, this is a flower that reminds people of the meaning of Thanksgiving.

Sunflowers offer a spirit of joy, jubilation and thankfulness with their friendly presentation. For instance, feature a grand sunflower arrangement during Thanksgiving and be sure to create a positive atmosphere of giving during this holiday season!

Gerbera DaisiesGerbera Daisies
Gerbera daisies are another flower that will not only look spectacular around the home this Thanksgiving, but they will create a presence that brings family and friends together as they admire this wonderful bouquet. Consisting of delicate blossoms, these lush florals create a soft experience that is perfect for intimate Thanksgiving Day settings.

Featuring colors of fall like white, pink, salmon, lavender, purple, red, coral, amber, and even bi-colors like yellow and orange, gerbera daisies are the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones. The gerbera daisy is a cheerful flower and it will even leave a pleasant aroma around the home that the entire family will surely enjoy and remember!

Add a tender touch to Thanksgiving with carnations. Bursting with holiday brilliance, carnations overflow with the spirit of Thanksgiving. While it is unknown where the carnation originates from, with many speculating the Mediterranean and Eurasia, this flower also known as “The Flower of God” is often symbolic of love and has special meaning for the holidays. Coming in a wide variety of colors to include yellow, purple, pink, green, white, dark red, and striped, the carnation is the perfect way to celebrate and dine with family during Thanksgiving.

What’s more is that carnations last a very long time after they are cut so the family can continue to enjoy them for many weeks to come. Furthermore, family members will surely appreciate such pretty flowers that are both tasteful and truly representative of this season of gratitude.

Solid Aster
Make a huge statement with solid aster. Solid aster, with all of its subtle beauty, creates an amazing conversational piece to remember this Thanksgiving. Originating from France, this flower is a hybrid created from Aster and Goldenrod and with its creamy yellow blooms and subtle fall greenery, creates an excellent focal point within any room. This is especially true for dinner tables or living rooms where loved ones may gather together and create memories. Solid aster can even serve as the perfect backdrop for Thanksgiving Day family pictures! A solid aster arrangement is both a fun and festive way to decorate and celebrate this holiday season.

Cushion Poms
Want to make a daring, exciting and highly memorable statement this Thanksgiving? Try cushion poms! Cushion poms are a type of chrysanthemum which features a plethora of beautiful, fluffy petals in various hues of the fall. Offering an overflow of vibrant yellow, white and lavender blooms atop long green stems, this playful flower will surely put a smile on the entire family’s faces. The cushion pom remains a favorite fall floral, and they are a great way to brighten up the Thanksgiving Day occasion, while embodying the cozy and quaint spirit of the season.

What better way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday alongside friends and family than with a beautiful fall-inspired floral arrangement? Make this day even more special by planning the perfect décor that includes blossoms and lush Thanksgiving flowers.

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