Best Flowers For Mother’s Day | Mother's Day Flowers Chicago

Best Flowers For Mother’s Day | Mother's Day Flowers Chicago

Best Flowers For Mother’s Day


Colourful gerberas

Gerberas are a classic bouquet flower known for communicating happiness and joy. They are perfect for adding cheer to an already celebratory day, especially in the case of children as they are said to be representative of their innocent hearts. This alone makes them among the best flowers to send to thank a mother on any day.


Red roses with mother's day card in a watering can vase

Roses unsurprisingly are among the most popular flowers to send in almost any occasion. For Mother’s Day this is no exception. There are many different colours of rose to choose from making them a versatile and quality Mother’s Day flower.


Bouquet of big pink lilies in a vase with roses

Lilies are big, beautiful and expressive flowers and make a colourful Mother’s Day surprise. They are wonderful and premium quality flowers that certainly show your mom how much she is truly valued.


Pink orchids

Orchids are refined plants, which with a little care, can be long lasting household plants. With orchid deliveries easier than ever, these opulent flowers are ideal for your mother’s day surprise. Symbolically, they couldn’t be more perfect either. In Chinese tradition they signify “many offspring” so you’d be hard pressed to find a more suitable gift for your mother.

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Alstromeria petals scattered

Alstroemerias are colourful, long lasting and a great gift for your Mother on May 13th. Just like the long lasting and vibrant love that you have shared with each other from the very moment of your birth (and even perhaps in the months before).


Mother's day carnations

Carnations are perhaps one of the most traditional flowers to give your mom on Mother’s Day. In the first few decades from the beginning of the celebration, white carnations were symbolically associated with the festivities. However, nowadays you don’t need to feel limited by the colour, carnations are bright, expressive and very colourful in their many other hues.

One or more of these choices of flower would make the ideal surprise for your mom on May 13th. There’s no doubting that there’s a lot of choice when it comes down to Mother’s Day bouquets. However with the options narrowed down a little more, choosing the best selection of flowers that suit her personality doesn’t need to be a headache.

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