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The Final Touch for Your Christmas Table: a Holiday Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas is a holiday of anticipation. If you’re a holiday host, though, Christmas dinner can be a festival of stress.

The table has to look just right. It has to be inviting … perfectly set … everyone in the right place … and with some reminder that this is, after all, Christmas.

Amid menu planning, ironing linens and polishing silver, deciding how to provide a flourish of holiday color and glow can sometimes be put off … or forgotten altogether.

Save yourself the work (and stress). Be proactive this year. The right holiday centerpiece, filled with Christmas flowers and seasonal accessories, will finish off any Christmas dinner setting in Chicago . Their surroundings feature berries, holly and other flowers, often purple or blue. Vivid evergreens provide a foundation. Ribbons, ornaments, pine cones and even candy canes add texture.

Which centerpiece is right for your holiday celebration?

First, face your space. Centerpieces have different configurations. Is the table longer (for a large group), round (smaller group) or even a kids table? Will diners be seated on all sides, or is the table against a wall? Your centerpiece setting matters – in a big way.

The centerpiece will take up room. How much can you afford, amid the many plates and serving dishes? One option is to set dishes on the evergreens (they won’t hurt it). Another is elevating the centerpiece with risers, creating space beneath.

Most people avoid tall centerpieces, which can block eye contact or interfere with passing dishes. Candles provide vertical visual interest - think twice about lighting them, however, if young children are sitting nearby.

A Christmas floral arrangement is the finishing touch to your ideal Christmas table. Don’t leave it to the last minute, though.

Bloom Floral has a wide selection of Christmas centerpiece designs. We’ll gladly create a custom Christmas flower arrangement, too. Contact us to brighten up your table, in the right size and setup.

Besides their natural beauty, another great part about Christmas bouquets is their longevity. Kept moist, the flowers should last two weeks or more. The holiday spirit lives on! Merry Christmas to all!
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