Valentine's Day 2022 Gift Guiding Tips

Like new love, flowers and Valentine’s Day have always gone hand in hand. There’s no denying a beautiful batch of blooms will send a sweet and thoughtful message. To make sure your flowers arrived just as you hope, read on for some helpful tips for sending flowers to your loved one. Whether the blooms are for your romantic partner, a family member, or your best friends, we want to help you send a bouquet without a hitch.

We know that ordering flower delivery from an online service might feel a little intimidating at first. But trust us: once you get the hang of it, there’s no turning back. Send your love with just a click. All you need to do is select your fav farm-fresh Valentine’s bouquet from our selection of responsibly sourced flowers.

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Remember the Delivery Dates
This year, Valentine’s Day is Monday, February 14, 2022. We offer delivery options for Monday, Feb. 14th but act quickly because our Valentine’s Day delivery slots will fill up quickly! Order as early as possible to make sure you reserve your slot for Valentine’s Day. Or better yet, why not take advantage and celebrate morning, noon, and night? Schedule an early delivery and ensure your special someone can enjoy their flowers all the way from brunch to an after-dinner dessert. If you order early, they can wake up to a fresh bouquet first thing in the morning on Valentine’s Day.

Plan Ahead for Valentine’s Day Delivery
Why wait? Don’t procrastinate! Even if you’re a busy bee, we recommend ordering early when it comes to sending your honey Valentine’s Day flowers. During a holiday like Valentine’s Day (and Mother’s Day), our most popular floral arrangements might sell out before the big day arrives. Avoid the late rush and use the time closer to Valentine’s Day to shop for fresh ingredients to prepare a special dinner.

Relax with a Subscription
Because 2020 and 2021 were so hard, we’re making this Valentine’s Day easy for you. You can steer clear of the anxiety of last-minute shopping with our flower subscription service.

At The Bouqs Co., you can schedule flower deliveries for dates you select in advance. This way, you will never forget a birthday or special occasion. If you order delivery for a day or two before the special occasion, your sweetheart will wake up to a radiant bouquet in full bloom. Earn those brownie points for thoughtfulness and punctuality!

Consider Who You’re Buying For
You want to choose the right bouquet for the relationship. If you’re sending Valentine’s Flowers to a co-worker or friend you’re crushing on, you might want to avoid the strong message of red Valentine roses. Consider sending purple or pink flowers at first.
For established relationships, feel free to get creative. Mix in some of your Valentine’s floral favorites or include a treat such as chocolate for someone with a sweet tooth or a puzzle for a jigsaw enthusiast. For an outside the box option, send a plant for Valentine’s Day.

Do Some Research
Purchasing flowers online can sometimes be like online dating: in person, they vaguely resemble their online photos. Before you rush out and push buy on the first bouquet you see, do some digging.
Make sure past customers are satisfied with the bouquets they received by reading reviews of their experiences (something dating services could use!).

However, be aware that some flowers won’t arrive the way they were pictured on the site. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean it’s a catfish situation! We deliver blooms like lilies and tulips in bud form to make sure they arrive at their freshest. This maximizes their vase life and your enjoyment!

Picture Perfect Arrangements
Even flowers for GramGram can show up on The ‘Gram! A good frame enhances a photo without taking away from it; make sure you order a vase that will showcase your carefully chosen arrangements. The perfect pairing will boast #nofilter!
Many of our Bouqs come paired with vases, making it easy for you. Browse through our collection and see how striking they appear when arranged.

Prevent the Sniffles
Let’s face it —no one wants to be the one sneezing nowadays. While flowers are gorgeous, sometimes they can be the Mean Girls. If you know certain flowers give your loved one the sniffles (or you just don’t want to take any risks), choose an arrangement from our list of hypoallergenic flowers.
Our personal favorites this year are tulips and hydrangea! Roses are also hypoallergenic, so you don’t need to worry about sending this classic sign of romance.

Be Thoughtful with Your Message
Sending flowers sends an endearing message. But don’t forget your bouquet comes with a card that’s perfect for adding a personal note to accompany your beautiful flowers. You may want to write a love poem for your sweetheart or just remind your recipient you’re thinking of them No matter who your bouquet is for, a considerate card will reinforce your caring act.

Here at Bloom Floral, we want to make sure every floral experience leaves you thrilled. We’ve got you covered with flower ideas for Valentine’s Day to make your recipient feel extra special. Not only do we offer the freshest blooms in the market, but we provide all the flower-lovers out there with transparency — in pricing, in our products, and in our service. Order your Valentine’s Day flowers today and celebrate love this 2022.
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