Valentine's Day Gift Ideas ( No Matter what stage your in ! )

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas ( No Matter what stage your in ! )

You two just met recently or just decided to take your friendship to the next level. If you are in the first chapter of your love story, make Valentine’s Day fun rather than trying too hard to be romantic.

Valentine’s Date ideas:

Attend a cooking class. Learning how to make a meal will prevent a lull in the conversation and you have a meal to make for the next Valentine’s Day together.
Have dessert and drinks. Avoid the serious dinner date all together and go straight for the sweet stuff.
Hit a roller rink. You will have to hold hands to stay upright and you are sure to have some good laughs as you skate around.
Have a favorite take-out contest. Each of you orders your favorite take-out meal and then decide whose is best. Loser buys drinks!
Find a swing-dancing club. Check out the live music scene in your area and give dancing a twirl.
Bundle up and look at the stars. Pack a blanket, some snacks and a bottle of wine for a low-key date that has plenty of romance.
Go to a hockey game. Nothing says romance like being caught by the kiss-cam on a jumbotron.
Show each other your favorite spot in the city. Visit it together and explain why it is so special to you.
Go chocolate tasting. If your date has a sweet tooth, they will love you for thinking of this!
Try a wine and painting class. You can compare paintings and will have a sweet memento.
Visit your local aquarium. It’s fun to get lost under the sea for a few hours
Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

A simple bouquet of flowers
A stuffed animal
Tickets to see their favorite band
A box of macarons or chocolates
A bottle of champagne

The two of you are officially an item and this may not be your first Valentine’s Day together. While he is definitely your sweetheart, the relationship still feels new! Feel free to get a little more romantic.

Date ideas:

The classic dinner date at your favorite fancy restaurant. Celebrate old school, just remember to make reservations in advance!
Try salsa dancing lessons. Even if you have two left feet this is sure to be a good time, plus you get to hold each other close.
Go go-karting. Get your adrenaline pumping and laugh at each other when you spin into the wall.
Play truth or dare. While you both know each other well, you can use this opportunity to get to know each other even better!
Make fondue. You can do chocolate and cheese for all of your courses.
Pack a picnic and enjoy the night skies. If you live in a cold climate, picnic inside and get the fireplace cranking.
Go to the opera. No one goes to the opera anymore, let’s bring it back! It can be so romantic and moving.
Visit your hometown. Show them around all of your own stomping grounds and really get to know each other.
Make a custom-scent at a perfumery. Help each other create a smell, you both love.
Make a dessert buffet. Skip dinner and indulge in all of your favorites sweet treats!
Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

A bouquet of roses
Nice headphones
A silk robe
A gift set from her favorite cosmetics line
A custom name necklace

You two feel really comfortable with each other, which means you can be romantic while also having a good laugh.

Date ideas:

Sing at karaoke bar. Laugh as you both belt out your favorite song you always catch each other singing to in the car.
Go skinny-dipping. This will get your adrenaline pumping and have you both laughing about your mischievous behavior.
Go on a camping trip. You are comfortable enough with each other to experience morning breath.
Visit the botanical gardens. Take in all of the beautiful flowers and their wonderful aromas.
Take a hot air balloon ride. Check out how your city looks from the skies and toast to your time together.
See a comedy show. Nothing says a good laugh like a comedy show.
Take the train somewhere. There is something super romantic about train rides. Plus you can both enjoy the views!
Take a night-time bike ride ending at your favorite wine bar. There is something really peaceful about a city at night.
Take on a big home improvement project. While this might not seem super romantic, you will look at the finished project knowing you did it together.
Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

A nice watch
A spa kit with candles, lotions and soaps
Gear for their favorite hobby
A lucky bamboo plant
A dozen cake pops

Be sweet through nostalgia. You two have history. Recreate your first Valentine’s Day together and reminisce on all the romantic dates in between.

Date ideas:

Have a three course date. Eat appetizers, entrees and dessert each at a place where a milestone in your relationship took place like your first date.
Make a date ideas jar. Spend your Valentine’s Day planning a year of romantic dates for the two of you to enjoy.
Recreate your first Valentine’s Day date. See how different the celebration feels after years spent together.
Go to a champagne brunch. Whoever said day-dates are overrated never went to a champagne brunch.
Take a spa day together. After all the time spent together, you should celebrate with some blissful relaxation.
Visit the animal shelter and adopt a pet. You two are already committed so why not add another member to your family!
Play a round of golf at your favorite course. Enjoy a beautiful day together.
Dig out your old photos and stroll down memory lane. Get out yearbooks, home videos and all those old photos and reminisce.
Try each other’s favorite hobby. Spend half of the evening doing one of your favorite activities together and then try theirs.
Go shopping for formal attire together. Feel free to gush over how great you both look dressed up to the nines.
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