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What are good gift Ideas for a Thanksgiving host?

Late autumn is the season to remember how much friends and family mean to us. With Thanksgiving only weeks away, plans are already being made for dinner parties and family gatherings. Why not captivate your host with a memorable gift? Bloom Floral, serving the chicago area, would love to help. We have a few gift ideas that your host will love!

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The tradition of bringing a gift to your Thanksgiving host

Bringing a gift for your host or hostess has been a time-honored custom for many years. Since Thanksgiving is a time of appreciation, a thoughtful gift will show your host how much you enjoy their company and the effort put forth to make the holiday truly special.

You & Friends? Gifts to Celebrate Friendsgiving

What is Friendsgiving? Friendsgiving combines the holiday of Thanksgiving with friendship gatherings on or near Thanksgiving Day. Celebrating genuine friendships with a special meal emphasizing fun and gratitude has become an important holiday tradition. Here are some of the best host gifts to consider for this festive occasion:

  • Glass Wine Decanter: What hostess wouldn’t enjoy a glass of wine in the evening after a busy day? Include a bottle of your favorite wine to make a memorable gift.
  • Flowers: A classic hostess gift. Bloom floral has several choices for a perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece. The happiness display contains roses and sunflowers in a festive base.
  • Wooden cutting board: Made of fine wood that will last for years, your hosts will love this addition to their kitchen.
  • Fancy Chocolates: Relaxing by the fire with a glass of wine, a good book and a box of sumptuous chocolates is the perfect way to show how truly thankful you are for your family hosts. 

Meeting the In-Laws for Thanksgiving

Whether it is your first Thanksgiving together or your tenth, having dinner with your in-laws on a special occasion can because some apprehension. For the son-in-law or daughter-in-law who wants to impress, a well-received gift is essential and a must. Here are a few gift ideas to make sure you make an unforgettable impression:

  • Flower Arrangement: The floral designers at bloom floral have created the Berry Delighted centerpiece, a beautiful display of fall flowers and greens that will make an ideal table decoration.
  • Gift baskets: One of the best aspects of giving a gift basket to your host or hostess is that you can tailor the baskets to reflect the owner’s interests. Add items that both of your in-laws will love! Create your own or let us help you make one for you!
  • Decorative Coasters: Choose a classic material such as wood or stone for a gift that is beautiful and functional. This rustic look complements all fall colors adequately. 
  • Personalized notecards: Choose a pattern or color that your mother-in-law will love as she writes notes to friends and family.

Gifts for Traditional Thanksgiving with Family

Enjoying time with your family and a festive holiday dinner is something that makes this time of year especially enjoyable! Your family may always gather at a central location for this occasion, or maybe the family members take turns hosting the meal. Bringing a gift will let the host know how much you honor the time and effort your loved ones have put forth to make Thanksgiving a meaningful gathering.

  • Wine: As a show of appreciation for all the hard work that hosting a gathering entails, wine is a classic gift. For a special touch, look for a bottle from a local winery.
  • Party Game: As friends and family meet for Thanksgiving festivities, an excellent option to bring to the gathering is a board or card game to share with everyone after the meal.
  • Gift Basket: So versatile! Tailor the basket to the interests of your hosts for a truly personal gift. Don’t forget to add special goodies for the kids.
  • Homemade Treats: Maybe you are well-known for your brownies or your carrot cake. Your hosts and family members would appreciate special goodies made with love.thanksgiving gift idea thanksgiving flower delivery 60634

Choosing a gift for your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving celebration can seem daunting at times. For a gift that will delight for sure, let the floral experts at Bloom floral in the 60634 area design an arrangement that you can be proud to send to your host. We also have a large array of plants to choose from if you want to give the gift of a plant. Bloom Floral will help you show your gratitude to your hosts during this festive holiday season. 

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