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Like Uptown, we offer classic flower bouquets for a Classic Neighborhood.

Uptown chicago, 60640, is a Landmark in chicago that radiates history and was once the go to entertainment area in chicago.

Uptown is a vibrant neighborhood with a unique history. It has played many roles: as a recreational destination for the city’s elite; a shopping, entertainment, and dining destination; as a port of entry for immigrants; as a place where neighbors find a caring hand; and as a hotbed for the arts. Its residents, old and new, are proud to call Uptown home and passionately support its businesses, block clubs, arts organizations, outdoor events such as the Argyle Night Market and Taste of Uptown, plus local community gardens, public art, and much more.

In its early days, the Uptown area was populated by German and Swedish farmers. It soon attracted the attention of developers who, by 1890, had turned what we know today as Gordon Terrace and Hutchinson Street into a suburban refuge for wealthy Chicagoans. Hutchinson Street’s historic homes still preserve the luxurious charm of those early days of Uptown 60640.

Uptown saw a surge of development in the early 20th century when the Northwestern Elevated Railway Company and the Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Rail Line were extended to Bryn Mawr, allowing suburbanites and servicemen stationed at Fort Sheridan and Great Lakes Naval Base easier access to the big city. Influential land speculator John Lewis Cochran had influenced the railroad companies so that their tracks would be laid near his developments in uptown. These routes made Uptown one of Chicago’s most populous residential centers.

If you did not know, By the 1920s, Uptown was a shopping and entertainment destination.  From 1907 to 1917, Essanay Studios made Uptown the heart of the American film industry. Later, hotels were built to accommodate an influx of visitors and new residents: the Sheridan Plaza, the Lawrence House Hotel, and the since-demolished Edgewater Beach Hotel, among many others. Also, The Riviera Theater, the Uptown Theater, and the Aragon Ballroom drew huge crowds. Those landmarks in uptown still stand there today. Luxury apartment buildings in uptown were built along Winthrop and Kenmore Avenues. To this day, Restoration continues in Uptown with the renovation of both the CTA Red Line/Purple Line Wilson Station, and its historic former station building, plus restorations at Somerset Place Apartments, the Lawrence House, and many other historic buildings. In 2016, Argyle Street from Broadway to Sheridan Road became the first “Shared Street” in Chicago. With no curbs and brick pavers, this innovative design is perfect to host events such as the Lunar New Year Parade and the popular Argyle Night Market. Uptown will always be a place of rich history, and that is why uptown is one of chicagos leading neighborhoods.


Uptown Chicago definitely holds a lot of history in chicago, and that is why we  as a local chicago florist, we are proud to offer flower delivery to uptown, and you can find us locally if you need our services to any other area in uptown chicago or locally if you type in Florist near me or Flower shop near me in your phone or computer, and look for Bloom Floral.

If you are located in Uptown, or need flowers delivered to uptown, we can arrange something special for same day flower delivery, or next day flower delivery. We are here to help you celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or special occasion with carefully crafted floral bouquets in our local flower shop.

Go visit the uptown 60640 neighborhood and find a show to watch. Don't forget the flowers!

If you are looking for something to do in the 60640 area, also known as uptown, you can plan a night of  dinner and a show at one of the many venues in Uptown such as the Riviera Theatre or Vic Theatre. With the addition of flowers, as a classic move for your special someone, you will add something personal and significant to mark the occasion, thus make the night and event and unforgettable one. Our creative florists, who care about detail and style, create a beautiful bouquet of your selection of flowers arranged in a stunning display of color with a floral scent that will garner all the attention from her and those around you. 

You can have your bouquet set up at the restaurant for a pre-show surprise, or just give them straight to the recipient. With our flower delivery option. Our quality flowers are transported with the proper care, to ensure all for protection while freshness is maintained with a travel container providing hydration to the stems. With our hand delivery, we guarantee that your order will arrive as well presented as when they left the shop for a classic expression of love. We dont say we love making impressions for nothing!

Selection of Flowers for Flower Delivery in Uptown

We have a wide selection of flowers that will help you celebrate any occasion. From the classic red roses in various sizes to those of different colors, we cater to the romantic at heart and the fun yet sophisticated personality. Our trained florists are skilled in the art of French style floral arrangements with a hand-tied finish.

We have single color bouquets if you want to share a gesture of love with a favorite color or mix it up with a combination of several colors. For the bold, you can make a bold statement with a bright color such as yellow or orange roses, or for a sweet gesture select from a variety of soft pastel flowers. Whichever style you favor, the floral bouquet is made to order in our local flower shop.

You can be confident that we use fresh flowers for your bouquet with them arriving at our flower shop every day. We source the best flowers and foliage to use in our arrangements from reputable eco-friendly farms worldwide and have them delivered directly from the farm for maximum freshness.

Delivering quality & care for all Uptown Flower Delivery & Gifts

Our passion is to provide something exclusive to the 60640 area by way of flowers. Our simple online ordering system means you can select your preference, and have it delivered on time to your chosen location in Uptown. Our top-quality flowers and detailed to perfection flower bouquets will look fresh and vibrant for your occasion, and we guarantee they will be to your satisfaction and that of the recipient!

You can attach a heartfelt note for a personal touch or opt for something a little bit different with our printed photo option to go with your flower order. Follow along with the anticipation of your flower delivery as we send you notifications of your order status. We will also send you a photo of the finished design before it leaves our shop, so you can relax knowing that what you chose is what we will deliver, and it will look beautiful! To add a classic and stylish twist to your celebration or get together  in Uptown contact us today and have a beautiful bouquet of your chosen flowers delivered to uptown or any area in chicago, offering same day delivery or next day delivery for your convenience!