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Christmas Flowers: Gifts, Tips & Decorations

Red poinsettias, ‘Casa Blanca’ lilies, and the scent of fresh Christmas greens are the basis for many Christmas decorations. Sure flowers make great decorations, but what about sending flowers as Christmas gifts? Flowers are a fantastically appropriate gift for Christmas and other religious holidays. You won’t have to worry if they are the right size, shape, or color. You can rest assured they won’t already have one. Whether you use flowers for decorations or as a gift, now is the time to explore the world of Christmas flowers.

What Christmas Flowers Options Are Available?
At one time or another we’ve all sent a poinsettia to a loved one or friend for the Christmas holiday. Although a quintessential Christmas plant, poinsettias are not the only Christmas flowers you can send. Roses, mums, lilies, tulips and many other wonderful floral blooms are available at your local florist shop. In fact, Christmas flowers run the gamut from traditional red roses to lime green “Fuji” mums as well as a host of plum and purple flowers. Variety doesn’t stop with the flowers. Christmas arrangements can range from a traditional table centerpiece with candles and flowers to a contemporary arrangement with glitzy ornaments and flowers. Best of all, giving flowers as gifts during the Christmas holidays can make short work of buying presents for those hard-to-buy-for friends and loved ones.

Who Can I Send Flowers To At Christmas?
You can send flowers to anyone; your child’s teacher, your hairstylist, your uncle and aunt in TimBukTu. Sure, you could simply exchange cards, but why not add a bit of Christmas joy with some flowers? Do you have trouble finding an appropriate gift for your boss? Do you ponder with each item you look at “Is it appropriate?” or “Could it be misconstrued?” Flowers are the perfect solution—not too fancy, not too expensive, yet very thoughtful. Flowers eliminate all gift choice second guessing. The number one person to send flowers to at Christmas is the person on your list for whom you just can’t figure out what to buy.

Can I Send Christmas Flowers To Those Who Celebrate Other Religious Or Social Holidays?
Hanukkah FlowersYou can send everyone flowers. Both religious and social holidays are acceptable times to send flowers as gifts. Often we may not be aware of appropriate gifts to send for other religious holidays such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or maybe even Winter Solstice.

If you have friends or acquaintances that celebrate these holidays, sending or giving flowers is a great way to acknowledge their religious or ethnic celebration. People find a gesture of recognition of their religion or ethnicity comforting and endearing.

Selecting and giving flowers for Christmas is not hard; it is simple. Get what you’ll enjoy and give what you’d like to be given. Flowers, as mentioned, are great because they rarely cause any embarrassment or second guessing and are enjoyed by just about everyone.

What Are Appropriate Christmas Flowers?
Contemporary Christmas FlowersThere are no rules for the kind of flowers to send. However, you may find it difficult to find bouquets with typically non-Christmas season flowers.

Since most people want traditional Christmas flowers during the holiday season, florists may not order non-season flowers. If you place your order well in advance, many florists can accommodate your special needs.

Choose flowers that exude the holiday spirit. For a safe choice, send Christmas arrangements with reds, whites, and greens fashioned in a standard holiday flower design style. For an adventurous choice, pick up on the color trends for the year. For example, purple and lime green with silver and light greens with airy blues are a couple of color trends for 2009.

A good guideline to follow when choosing flowers is to ask yourself “Would I like to receive them? Would I enjoy them in my house or as a gift?” If you answer “yes” then you know you’ve chosen well.

Flowers As Gifts Are Great, But What About As Decorations?
Poinsettias maybe the standard Christmas decoration, but there are many flower decoration options.

Let’s say your color theme for your Christmas tree decorations is gold, red, and green. Using these colors, you can choose red carnations with gold ribbons for an entryway decoration. Going with the color trend for 2009, you may want some purple and silver flowers for your dinner table. You can have arrangements made with eucalyptus leaves sprayed silver, purple tulips, or even purple roses. Add some silver millimeter balls and you’ll have a beautiful contemporary Christmas arrangement.

Christmas Flowers With AccessoriesYou can also use flowers in wreaths. Tuck lime green mums, white spray roses and red berries into your standard wreaths. Florists have a wide range of fresh flowers to choose from when creating your Christmas wreath.

Holiday decorating is all up to you. You can stay traditional or go with more contemporary; mixing colors and textures for a one-of-a-kind look. In fact, you can add ribbon and other non-floral accessories to really make your wreath special.

Mixing flowers with ribbons, candles, and other accessories is a year round technique but used most during Christmas. When using these items, have fun and work with a color palette that matches your decor.

For a unique look, try working Christmas tree ornaments into a standard florist bouquet. Place a finial tree topper in the middle of your holiday centerpiece. Have your florist make mini holiday flower bouquets using your old vintage glass ornaments. Then use them as table decorations. After the party is over, give them to your dinner guests as a party favor.

Whether you are using Christmas flowers as gifts or as decorations, don’t be afraid to stray from tradition. Exploring the world of Christmas flowers will give you a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. The feeling and smell of fresh flower at Christmas can’t be beat.




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