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Kenilworth, Il 60043 is a village in Cook County, Illinois, United States, 15 miles (24 km) north of downtown Chicago. As of the 2010 census it had a population of 2,513. It is the newest of the nine suburban North Shore communities bordering Lake Michigan, and is one of those developed as a planned community. 

Kenilworth, Il 60043 was founded in 1889 when Joseph Sears purchased 223.6 acres of land consisting of several farms between the Chicago and North Western Railroad and Lake Michigan for $150,300. Sears and several of his associates formed The Kenilworth, IL Company to execute his suburban dream.[5]

The company undertook all marketing activities. They publicized the community's many attractive features through brochures, maps, and newspaper ads, as well as direct personal sales. Prospects were provided transportation from the city and greeted with a reception. Visitors were also offered overnight accommodations. In 1891, Sears invited about 20 of his personal friends, prominent bankers and Chicago businessmen to a picnic luncheon on Kenilworth's lake shore. Lots were offered at $60 an acre; significantly above the $15 an acre for similarly located property nearby. Some laughed, but the property did sell within 12 months in the now Kenilworth, IL 60043This planned community attracted widespread attention and was visited by many noted architects attending the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

On February 4, 1896, the village reached the required 300 residents and was incorporated. The elected board assumed municipal functions from Sears. The Kenilworth, IL Company continued their sales activities until 1904, at which time Sears acquired the existing stock and became the sole owner of the remaining property.

The Kenilworth Company coordinated every aspect of this planned community to ensure the highest quality implementation and adherence to Joseph Sears’ vision. The village layout was designed to take advantage of the natural features and beauty of the land. To maintain the country atmosphere, the plan required large lots and setbacks, tree plantings along roadways, and generous park lands. Mr. Sears donated much of his own property to achieve this goal.[8]

The church, schools, parks, clubs, and recreational areas were early additions to encourage a spirit of community. Noted architect Franklin Burnham joined The Kenilworth Company and designed the railroad station and the Kenilworth Union Church. Burnham also designed several homes for company members to display for potential residents.

There are many beautiful attractions in Kenilworth, Il 60043. The village of Kenilworth, IL 60043is beautiful in the way that it is still a picturesque reminder of a more vintage, elegant, yet modern community.  

Some of these well known stops and Kenilworth, IL 60043 attractions are:

Notable places and organizations in Kenilworth, IL 60043 include:

Kenilworth Fountain – In the middle of Kenilworth Avenue just east of the railroad tracks
The Kenilworth Beach – The public beach on Lake Michigan, which is divided into a sailing beach and a bathing beach
Pee Wee Field – Also known as "Sears Stadium" - Baseball field located on the west side of town where many little leaguers play
Townley Field – District-owned sports field behind the school where many sports are played including field hockey, soccer, lacrosse, football, and the school Field Day
The Ware Garden – Public courtyard on the east side where many residents walk their dogs
Mahoney Park – A small park on the south side of town, named after the farm that was there at the town's founding
Kenilworth Train Station – Train station on the Metra Line in between Indian Hill and Wilmette stations
Joseph Sears School – Public elementary and junior high school on Abbotsford Road (JK-8)
The Kenilworth Club – A frequented community house that hosts all sorts of events throughout the year
Kenilworth Historical Society – Preserve and present the history of the town
Kenilworth Union Church – A non-denominational Protestant church on Kenilworth Avenue
Church of the Holy Comforter – Episcopal Church across the street from Kenilworth Union
Hiram Baldwin House – A Prairie School house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1905
Kenilworth does not have its own fire department or library; for these services, the town contracts with the neighboring Winnetka fire department and with the Wilmette library. Kenilworth has its own police department and 9-1-1 calls are handled by Glenview Public Safety Dispatch.