How to choose the best flowers for Mom - A Mother's Day Guide

How to choose the best flowers for Mom - A Mother's Day Guide

Mother’s Day is one of our favorite days of the year to treat mom with the prettiest flowers and show her how much she is appreciated. Mothers, grandmoms, aunts, fur mommas, mom friends, and other inspiring mother figures in our lives deserve to be shown gratitude and admiration every day, especially on Mother’s Day. That’s why we are giving you the inside scoop on how to make this year one of the best Mother’s Days yet with only the freshest and most beautiful blooms along with a few sentimental gifts for mom.


The Freshest Flowers
A colorful bouquet of mom’s favorite flowers is enough to put a smile on her face. However, if you want to really show her your gratitude this Mother’s Day, surprising mom with flowers that are even fresher than the fruits and veggies she feeds you will really “WOW” her. As your local florist, we only use the freshest stems we can get our hands on and ensure each arrangement is created with only the highest quality blooms so you can breathe in that serene, natural, and aromatic breath of fresh air.

Long-Lasting Blooms
The unconditional love we receive from moms lasts a lifetime. While all flowers, unfortunately, have an expiration date, you can still surprise mom with long-lasting blooms that mirror her love. Fresh, high-quality bouquets from your local florist outlive most other floral arrangements by many days and even weeks! If you have the luxury to do so, help mom keep her flowers thriving by caring for them yourself. Many fresh cut stems in arrangements require a simple trim every few days and fresh, clean water every other day to ensure they live their longest, healthiest life.

Unique and Lavish Arrangements
When deciding on the perfect floral arrangement for mom, you want it to be as unique, lovely, elegant, and beautiful as she is. Local florists are artists, and flowers and their medium. This is good news for you because it means that you can work with your floral designer to create a stunning bouquet just for mom. Choose her favorite blooms, petals and scents that remind you of her, or something truly out-of-the-box for a wonderful surprise. Click on “Designers Choice” when you want only the best for mom.

Top Customer Service
Florists love their customers and they will go out of their way to ensure both the giver and receiver have the best floral experience possible. Don’t expect that from a 1-800 floral delivery service. Large online floral retailers take your order and source it out to one of their “partner” florists – for a fee! – and getting in touch with them if there is a problem will surely get you the runaround. Floral shop owners take pride in their skills and customer service and if anyone can make miracles happen, they can. Ensuring your florist has top-notch service will mean that your flowers for mom will be handled with top-notch care.

Meaningful Words
It’s true that flowers help us communicate and send sweet, thoughtful messages to our loved ones just by the symbolism of their petals. For instance, pink carnations symbolize gratitude and love for mom and tulips represent cheerful thoughts, happiness, and comfort. However, sending a handwritten card or note to go along with mom’s flowers will mean the world to her and allow you to say exactly how you feel. If you are at a loss for words, check out a few of our ideas to get your wheels turning.

Something Extra
Most local florists also have a wide range of unique gifts or hand-made treats for when you want to include a little something extra with your floral gift to mom. From candles to boxes of chocolates or sentimental knick knacks, check out the gifts section from your local florist. For other ideas on what you can send with a bouquet of flowers to mom, think of artisan baked items, her favorite wine or tea, a gift basket of various food items, or the best gift of them all — a flower subscription service where she will receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers every month!

Ready to give mom only the best? Then check out our selection of gorgeous blooms and unique gift items. We have everything right here to make sure the moms in your life get the very best.
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