Mother's Day Flowers for the women in your life

Mother's Day Flowers for the women in your life

Mother’s Day: Flowers For The Women In Your Life
Pink Mother's Day Flowers

There’s no love like a mother’s love. Now it’s your turn. Send flowers for Mother’s Day to all of the special moms in your life, and thank them for the love they have brought into this world.

Show mom—your mom, the mother of your children, your best friend, or any woman who has devoted all or part of her life to being a mother—that you care. A perfect way is to send Mother’s Day flowers, and personalize your bouquet with blooms, ornamentation, and sentiments that reflect mom’s personality and style.

Roses are a wonderful way to say, “I love you” on Mother’s Day. For the modern mom, cut stems short and arrange monochromatic roses in a small square or round vase. For moms who are a little more traditional, wrap sheer colored fabric around the base of the vase and secure with a pretty ribbon. Personalizing your gift shows that you made a special effort to honor the most important woman in your life—your mom. And when you have flower arrangements for Mother’s Day, be sure to remember Grandma! Remembering that she was a mother before she was a grandmother will make her day! Send a traditional mixed bouquet filled with fragrant lilies, cheery chrysanthemums, and irises. If your grandma loves to spend her time in the kitchen perfecting her secret recipes, surprise her with some potted herbs—she can plant them in her garden or have them ready to use by her kitchen window.

You confided in your favorite aunt about your first crush, asked her for fashion advice, and she always gave you the coolest birthday gifts. This year, give your aunt a gift that will keep giving each year. Flowering plants look gorgeous when they arrive, especially when presented in a beautiful gift basket. This special gift will continue to remind your aunt how much she has meant to you over the years.


She is your best friend and confidant and also an amazing mother. Reward her for being a wonderful sister and mother with an equally amazing bouquet. For your sister, send Mother’s Day flowers that have an exotic, modern twist. White or purple dendrobium orchids with butterfly-shaped blooms will last longer than a traditional bouquet and are sure to show her how much you care.

Your best friend just gave birth to her first child and is still adjusting to becoming a new mom. Whether she is still in the hospital or at home looking after her newborn, a lavish bouquet of bright tulips can both brighten her day and help her relax. Sending her flowers for Mother’s Day is a simple, loving gesture that will remind her you’ll be there to support her (and her newest family member!) for years to come.

So you don’t have much knowledge about your colleague’s personal interests outside the office, but you want to reach out and celebrate her new bundle of joy. Whether it’s a boy or girl, play it safe with a solid color theme. Send pink or blue arrangements (like stargazer lilies or blue irises) for Mother’s Day. They’re a great way to say congratulations and will brighten up any new nursery.

Mother’s day is also the perfect excuse for husbands to honor their wives and all that they do as moms. Rather than choosing a traditional bouquet, select something out of the ordinary like a potted orchid, which symbolizes love and pure affection. Other unique gifts like bonsai trees are living testaments to the beauty and wonder of nature (just like the perfect gifts a mom gives to the world: children).

This year, remember all the moms in your life. Send flowers on Mother’s Day, and send a gift of love and appreciation, a bright and cheerful gift that fits perfectly. Why? Because by being moms, they have made this world bright and cheerful, too.
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