Top 3 Popular Fall Flowers

Top 3 Popular Fall Flowers

Now that autumn is in full swing, you might feel compelled to spruce up your home, placing miniature pumpkins and gourds on your front porch and tabletops and replacing your pastel-colored throw pillows and blankets with pieces in deep, rich tones. Something else you could try out is adding nice bouquets of flowers around the home for some extra autumn spirit. If you’re looking to add some color to the inside of your house or your front porch, or even considering starting a flower garden, consider some of these fall flowers that are the top picks for this autumn.

  1. Dahlias
With many varieties of dahlias blooming from the middle of summer and throughout the fall, you can find just about every color around this time of year. Dahlias are great for growing in your garden, keeping in vases in your home or giving as gifts to friends and loved ones. These flowers symbolize elegance, creativity, dignity and inner strength.
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2. Sunflowers
Plenty of people associate sunflowers with the summertime because of their vibrant yellow shades. However, sunflowers are also a great bloom for the autumn months, especially when they’re contrasted against greens, browns and other earthy shades. Check out our Laurenne Sunflower Bouquet
  1. Chrysanthemums
As flowers that are part of the daisy family, these blooms make for stunning bouquets on their own or when accented against other fall flowers or greenery. Chrysanthemums are also the November birth flower, making them the right kind to decorate your home particularly in the late months of autumn. Some orange, yellow and red mums can add some stunning foliage colors to your home, transforming it from a plain space to an autumnal haven.









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